Opportunity Climbs On…

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The Road To Endeavour


Apologies for the lack of updates recently – if you’re a regular reader who’s bothered by their absence, that is. It’s always nice to be missed, but some people take a real huff if I don’t add posts for a while, so I hope they haven’t been too inconvenienced, but occasionally real life takes over and I have to do real life stuff, you know, holidays, writing for publishers, WORK, etc… – but back now with an update on what our favourite plucky martian rover has been up to.

Over the past few days Oppy has actually reached a major milestone in her mission, which is now over a decade long don’t forget. When we last looked in on her, Oppy was making steady progress up the slope of Solander Point, just rolling slowly but surely on her way, up and away from the crater floor scrunching across the rocky…

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